Hurricane Dry Feed

011865C / APP

The Hurricane is an underground approved rotary drill.

The robust construction and non-corrosive gunmetal valve block ensure a long working life for the Hurricane.

The drill is protected by a pressure and flow control valve which limits the output torque to a maximum safety level of 74Nm (55lb ft). The ability to work on mineral oil 60/40 invert emulsion, water glycol or 95/5 soluble oil mixtures and the option of open or closed centre operation make this a very versatile machine.

A high pressure version is also available suitable for pressures up to 27 MPa (4,000 p.s.i).

Benefits include a high power to weight ratio and the capability of short hole drilling, core drilling and post hole boring. A low vibration reading ensures safer working conditions and the hurricane can be operated from closed circuit or open circuit systems.

Not only are the drills reliable, but maintenance is made easy due to both drills and spares being stocked to avoid downtime and loss of production.

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