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The mixing tool for flooring and coating specialists.

The mixing and placing of a wide range of construction compounds is now much easier and faster when using the Porta-Mix Hippo unit.

Cement screeds, grout, mortar, texture coatings, sealants, adhesives and many other products can be quickly and effectively mixed without difficulty. Many users have reported a major reduction in physical effort and time when using the Hippo. In fact, projects that normally require three people may now be done with only two. 

The Porta-Mix Hippo, a mobile mixing unit, can mix a 100kg (5 bag) batch quickly and produce an excellent mix consistency. The specially shaped bowl ensures that no pockets of unmixed product remain, and also makes cleaning out easy.

A unique feature is the easy tilt trolley. Cement screeds for example, can be mixed and delivered to the floor quickly and with excellent control, reducing screeding effort and increasing productivity. Wheel covers ensure that the castors remain free of screed splatter.

Multi stage pours, to achieve thicker screeds, are often no longer necessary as the Porta-Mix can mix screed in larger quantities in less time.

The large dual helix mixing paddle is driven by a powerful 1800W 2 speed motor. The mixer unit can be lifted out and reverse mounted for “along side” mixing smaller quantities in a secondary container.


  • Mixes pourable or high slump materials of any type. (Cement based products, texture coatings, mortar and grout, acrylics, polyesters, epoxies, resins, adhesives, paints, floor levelling products, render products or plaster and sealants …) 
  • Available in two versions for internal use and for rough terrain.
  • Choice between 110V or 220V.

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